• Connecting the Dots

    Ensuring its 100,000 employees live the corporate values was vital to a major food producer, so they asked Emerson to help with a large-scale analysis of employees in the field.
  • Communicating Massive Change

    A petroleum giant turned to Emerson to help with communication as they absorbed another major brand.
  • Combining Cultures

    A business technology corporation acquired another company and needed to thoughtfully combine the two work cultures. They turned to Emerson for help.
  • Clean Changes in the Community

    An environmental agency needed to improve efficiency and deliver a higher level of service to the community.
  • Changing Behavior to Improve Culture

    When a major bank saw poor marks for teamwork during an annual internal survey, leaders needed help examining the issue.
  • Change Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

    One of the world’s prominent hospitality brands needed help implementing new and challenging initiatives across their organization.
  • Best Supporting Consultant

    A performing arts organization needed their members to move from paper to electronic voting.
  • Blended Learning

    A major professional services firm wanted new business technology analysts to better understand the company they joined.
  • Big Changes In 180 Days or Less

    A specialty food company wanted to make a bigger impact on the market by expanding distribution and increasing profitability, fast.
  • Going Beyond the Classroom

    A Big 5 professional services firm needed to accelerate the transition of newly hired and promoted consultants into their advisory role: diagnosing, articulating, and solving for client problems.
  • Analysis and Alignment

    A major oil and gas company needed help to facilitate analysis of a fuel additive.
  • An Increase in Sales and Customer Service

    An international investment bank wanted to better serve their customers by increasing sales performance.
  • A Toolkit for Transition

    A visual storytelling consultancy wanted to implement a new organization that would allow them to grow as they scaled upward.
  • A Targeted Learning Experience

    A major clothing retailer wanted a way to bring new field employees up to speed quickly and efficiently.
  • A Major IT Transformation

    A hotel needed to modernize its operating model to lower costs and improve services to customers and guests.
  • A Big Business Transformation

    A major international hotel and hospitality company wanted to completely revolutionize their brand and they wanted the change to be both efficient and inspiring for their employees.
  • Breaking Through

    The human resource organization of a government agency needed to develop an enterprise-wide human capital strategic vision.
  • A Good Cause for Change

    A charitable organization wanted to expand their international reach.
  • A Comprehensive Training Process

    A health insurance company needed to ensure everyone in the organization had effective, annual compliance training which needed to be standardized and tracked.
  • 0 to 60 in 3.5

    Emerson supported a major professional services firm to speed up the transition of newly hired and promoted Human Capital Consultants to their new role.

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