• Retail’s Human Resources

    Emerson worked with one of the country's biggest clothing retailers define a new HR operating model while improving business processes.
  • Implementation Is Our Specialty

    A clothing retailer hired a firm to develop a new retail concept and service model, then turned to Emerson for implementation.
  • Mission Critical Competencies

    A government agency needed to make sure their people were sharp enough to face today’s challenges. We helped them develop the Intelligence Career Service.
  • Messaging to the Masses

    A regional bank needed help communicating an organization redesign to their employees.
  • People Power

    A major municipal utility district was charged with implementing dozens of HR initiatives to ensure the organization had the people power to fuel its business and remain competitive.
  • Reinventing Retail Roles

    A major clothing retailer needed help training existing and new employees to perform new and improved management roles.
  • Training a Top-Notch IT Department

    A university’s IT department needed to improve how they manage, plan and forecast when partnering with clients and health care subsidiaries. They asked Emerson to help improve their value to the organization.
  • Growing Pains

    A new health care provider grew quickly after expanding its business services and shifting to a new operating model.
  • Waves of Change

    After it spun off from its parent company, one of the auto industry's biggest technology providers was facing huge changes.
  • No More Silos

    A global finance news leader needed a new and better way of doing business.
  • Early Childhood Changes

    A large education company wanted to roll out a single company-wide solution to bring their 1,500 centers up-to-date, recoup lost revenue, all without disrupting operations.
  • Grocery Store Green Light

    As the world’s fourth largest retailer was ready to make its U.S. grocery debut, they asked Emerson to design, develop and implement training for the launch.
  • Finding a Future State

    A major consumer products player needed help defining “world-class excellence” and plotting a course to get there.
  • Creating a Cohesive Direction

    An elite road biking company wanted to reinforce their strategic planning, so their leadership created a new, cohesive direction.
  • Communicating Massive Change

    A petroleum giant turned to Emerson to help with communication as they absorbed another major brand.
  • Combining Cultures

    A business technology corporation acquired another company and needed to thoughtfully combine the two work cultures. They turned to Emerson for help.
  • A Toolkit for Transition

    A visual storytelling consultancy wanted to implement a new organization that would allow them to grow as they scaled upward.
  • A Major IT Transformation

    A hotel needed to modernize its operating model to lower costs and improve services to customers and guests.
  • Averting Disaster

    A major gas company's data centers were nearing capacity and unprotected from potential natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes.

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