• Training a Top-Notch IT Department

    A university’s IT department needed to improve how they manage, plan and forecast when partnering with clients and health care subsidiaries. They asked Emerson to help improve their value to the organization.
  • Transforming the Virtual Classroom

    A Big 5 professional services firm needed to transform its face-to-face industry conferences to a virtual experience.
  • In-person Learning Programs

    Nine years and nearly 400 projects later, Emerson became a trusted partner to one of the Big 4 professional services firms.
  • Unlocking Leadership Potential

    A Big 4 professional services firm needed to strengthen its' leadership skills to ultimately strengthen client relationships.
  • Growing Pains

    A new health care provider grew quickly after expanding its business services and shifting to a new operating model.
  • Transitioning from the Traditional

    A technology company moved its sales team from a traditional approach to a more consultative model.
  • Leadership Summit

    A major oil and gas company's leadership team gathered to establish objectives and address obstacles.
  • Simplifying an Organization’s Operations

    An oil and gas company launched an effort to simplify their downstream operations.
  • Waves of Change

    After it spun off from its parent company, one of the auto industry's biggest technology providers was facing huge changes.
  • No More Silos

    A global finance news leader needed a new and better way of doing business.
  • Early Childhood Changes

    A large education company wanted to roll out a single company-wide solution to bring their 1,500 centers up-to-date, recoup lost revenue, all without disrupting operations.
  • What Does Success Look Like to You?

    An online realty company leadership team identified new challenges and needed help creating behaviors to address them head-on.
  • Grocery Store Green Light

    As the world’s fourth largest retailer was ready to make its U.S. grocery debut, they asked Emerson to design, develop and implement training for the launch.
  • From Niche to Nationwide

    A major clothing company needed to transform their regionally focused plans into one company-wide strategy.
  • Flexing Change Management Muscles

    A large state government organization was struggling to support its internal clients because the team had few change management skills and tools, and needed a creative solution.
  • Finding a Future State

    A major consumer products player needed help defining “world-class excellence” and plotting a course to get there.
  • Ensuring Employee Readiness

    A major municipal utility district was in the process of implementing a document management system that would alleviate the need for paper-based files, and needed their employees prepared to use the system on day one.
  • Easing Into ERP

    A container ship facility faced challenges during a massive ERP deployment impacting over 1,000 employees.
  • Mitigating the Impact on IT

    An oil and gas company navigated change impacting 1,000-plus retail locations.
  • Design, Develop and Deliver

    A major gas company needed help to design, develop and implement a communication plan.

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