• A Comprehensive Training Process

    A health insurance company needed to ensure everyone in the organization had effective, annual compliance training which needed to be standardized and tracked.
  • 0 to 60 in 3.5

    Emerson supported a major professional services firm to speed up the transition of newly hired and promoted Human Capital Consultants to their new role.
  • Blue Skies, Big Changes

    A major airline was in the midst of a transformation that would impact every aspect of its business.
  • Inspire, Engage and Equip

    The online organization of a major retailer needed an innovative approach to increase productivity of associates, managers and directors.
  • When Traditional Isn’t Enough

    The retail industry was changing and our client, a massive global retailer, needed to shift the leadership team’s mindset to meet the changing landscape.
  • Averting Disaster

    A major gas company's data centers were nearing capacity and unprotected from potential natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes.
  • ERP Made Easy

    A fossil fuel industry giant launched an enterprise-wide effort to simplify their downstream operations.
  • Fashion Forward

    A major clothing retailer asked Emerson to update a systems manual, to be used as training, but we proposed a more innovative solution instead: a fashion magazine.
  • SAP Deployment

    An industrial distributor was in the midst of incredible changes.
  • Keeping Up With the Pack

    A global retailer was an early adopter of e-commerce. After taking their business online, their e-commerce tools gradually became outdated and inefficient.
  • Compliance Science

    A non-profit health organization needed to ensure everyone had effective, annual compliance training.
  • Pharma Kharma

    With over 11,000 SAP users, a power-house pharmaceutical distributor had a challenge on its hands.
  • Window to Success

    One of the planet’s leading biotech firms, consistently named one of the Best Places to Work, takes great pride in producing innovative medical solutions that literally transform the world.
  • Ability of Agility

    A global snack food distributor wanted to gain the full benefits of their change programs and achieve the agility to do more.

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