• Your Team Hates Your ERP

    Is your organization fighting off the ERP implementation? Here are some of the reasons and what you can do about it.
  • Budgeting for IT Organizational Change Management

    Go beyond the traditional “percentage of project funding” when budgeting for the people side of change.
  • Testing Your Employees’ Digital Experience

    Smart teams think about people during their digital transformation. To get the most from your tech pilot, put change management in the cockpit.
  • End User Training Plans: Seven Critical Questions

    Your new system and processes are going live pretty soon. Ask yourself these questions to go live with no unpleasant surprises.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Your Workforce: Three Tips for Leaders

    Let’s say your organization is adopting AI to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, or deliver better customer value. How should you approach employees about it?
  • Five Questions to Ask When Implementing ERP

    Enterprise resource planning can be an invasive and expensive undertaking. If you get these five things right, you’re on your way to a return on your investment.
  • Starbucks & Supply Chain Strategy

    It’s not just Starbucks. From computer chips to ketchup packets, business bounce-back has been stalled by supply chain issues. Our advice? Assess where you are today vs. where you need to be.
  • Build Controlled Failure into Your Training

    The real world doesn’t always give us easy scenarios. So when you build training, include all types of scenarios.
  • New Systems? Don’t Skip This Step

    Documenting your current state is a critical investment in the success of your implementation.
  • The People Side of Supply Chain Risk Management

    To guide your organization through a big change you need to understand who is impacted and how.