• Meet The Change Book

    Get to know the first book in our series on lessons we’ve learned in change management.
  • Simple Advice for Any Problem

    Before you kick off your change project, stop and ask, “Why are we doing what we’re doing?”
  • Three Things You Need Before You Trust Your People

    How do you know you can trust your team?
  • How to Handle Resistance to Change

    How do you confront the hecklers disrupting your change initiative? You don’t.
  • How to Be a Facilitative Leader

    “Leadership is a choice, not a position.”
  • Three Factors to Consider in Cross-Cultural Change Projects

    Culture matters when designing a change approach that impacts a global group. Start with these three factors.
  • The Risks of Not Communicating Until You’re Ready

    Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you have all the information and a big communication plan.
  • Your Diversity Training Isn’t Working; Here Are 5 Ways To Fix It

    In a divisive world, your company can be a powerful unifier. Here's how.
  • What You’re Willing To Tolerate Sets The Tone For Your Company Culture

    As a leader, you might expect top performance, but ultimately you get what you’re willing to tolerate.
  • The Four Elements of a Powerful Message

    There are four words that tell the story of your organization’s next big change. What are they?