• Emerson Book Club Review: The Power of Fun

    The Power of Fun by Catherine Price recognizes that, after the last few years, we all need to focus on lighter things. Read this post for straight talk about the differences between Fake Fun and Real Fun. Price leads us to reflect on times of the truest, realest fun in our lives.
  • The Performance Dip Myth

    Steady (or improving) performance through a change event is no less possible than a sub-four-minute mile.
  • Choosing Where Your Employees Work: A Five-Part Guide

    Some organizations allow their employees to work remotely, some are implementing a hybrid approach, others are in a “wait and see” mode. But what's best for your organization?
  • Rehab Your Leadership Team

    High impact teams result from meaningful work, not team-building exercises.
  • Change Under Pressure

    Studies show individuals change their behavior when the perceived cons of changing are less than perceived cons of staying the same.
  • Leaders: Lean On Your Org Culture for the Tough Talks

    When you have challenging news to share, is there a right way? Yes! Here's how.
  • Why People Continue to Quit Their Jobs

    Here we are in 2022 and it persists -- workers continue to quit their jobs in record numbers. Why? One word: control. So what’s a company to do?
  • What Comes After Omicron

    First it was COVID-19. Then it was the Delta variant. Now it’s Omicron. How do organizations reconcile an innate need for stability with constant global upheaval?
  • Why Is Change So Hard

    If change is everywhere, all the time, why do we still have so much trouble adopting new ways of working?
  • Why Are Your Executives in the Room

    Time for leadership sessions! Before you head into days-long meetings, ask yourselves: what question are you trying to answer?