• Organizations: Get Your Teams On the Habit Wheel

    How do you push through the bad inertia and get your team humming again? With three time-tested tricks: trigger, action, and reinforcement.
  • A Home on the Innovations Curve

    You might say companies are doing some fast math to predict the best way to respond to recent events, or that they’re searching the corporate conscience. We think they’re firming up their place on the Diffusion of Innovations Curve.
  • Build Your Team’s Resilience

    How do you get top performance from your teams while supporting them through these crazy times? Brain science has the answer. Emerson CEO Trish Emerson explains how leaders can use hacks to build people’s strength and resilience.
  • President Biden Gets an A in FCS

    When Emerson helps organizations manage change, we make it feel Familiar, Controlled, and Successful (FCS). Here’s how President Biden used FCS in his COVID-19 speech.
  • Three Ways to Use Agile Principles in Your Learning Program

    Agile, as you might get from its name, is all about speed and flexibility. Here are a few ways to use Agile principles in learning programs.
  • Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Change Consultant

    Some firms dazzle you with strategy and slick slides then head for the door. Don't let them leave you hanging -- ask these questions before you hire a change consultant.
  • Maintain Your Organization’s Work Style During Big Change

    Transformation is stressful enough. Don’t make things harder by losing what works. Focus on these three areas to stay true to your organization’s work style.
  • From the Trails to the Office

    After 25-plus years of consulting and 100 endurance races of half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon distances, I’ve noticed lots of parallels. Here are a few.
  • Virtual Onboarding

    What we know about brain science can give your new employees a great transition to your team.
  • Tough Times Need a Tough Team

    Faced with unprecedented challenges, your leadership team needs to get aligned and then sound aligned.