May  15,  2018

Your project kick-off was exciting. Your team was laser-focused and energized. But, now that the project is a few months in, the team’s enthusiasm is starting to wane. What can you do to restore your momentum and keep the team motivated?

It’s a basic rule of human nature: people are more likely to repeat a behavior when it produces a reward. Here are some tips to keep the team motivated and moving.

Individual Recognition

Hard-working people want to hear what they have done well. And remember: recognition is best when it’s specific and delivered close to performance.

  • Verbal Recognition. Don’t underestimate something as easy as verbal praise! A simple pat on the back or recognition during a team meeting can make a big difference.
  • Public Acknowledgement. Send a “kudos!” email about an individual to the team, or post a spotlight piece on the project website.
  • Gamification. Many people enjoy friendly competition with others. Gaming mechanics that recognize performance, like point scoring and leaderboards, can boost team engagement and productivity.

Team Appreciation

  • Team Event. Host a group outing to give your team a boost. This helps get them past those inevitable project dips and up the next hill.
  • Publication. Celebrate a milestone on your project by submitting an article and team photo to a company publication. This is a great way to raise project awareness and showcase the hard work of the team.

Often initiatives that are most important to the organization are a long haul for team members. Rewarding them is a great investment in your project’s success and way to keep the team motivated.