• An Agenda for Forming a New Executive Team

    A thoughtful approach to aligning an executive team.
  • Change Your People’s Behavior in Three Steps

    Simple steps to change behaviors
  • How to Get Your Team to Remember Your Message

    Facts don’t create memory or movement. Powerful associations do.
  • Cut the Chatter

    Don’t let the noise distract you. It’s not the initial chatter but the results that matter.
  • Your Vacation Can Change People’s Behavior

    How to design a change program based on the principles of vacation.
  • A Simple Tool to Create Momentum

    To paraphrase the law of inertia, an organization at rest tends to stay at rest.
  • Set Up Your Project for Success

    How to ready your change management initiative to succeed.
  • The Performance Dip Myth

    Myth: there has to be a drop in performance after a change event. There doesn’t.