January  08,  2019

As the saying goes, sharing is caring! We’d like to share some great ideas with you. We’ve curated a list of articles to get learning and development professionals thinking about the industry. It includes thoughts on hot topics like learning in the digital transformation age and way to evolve as an L&D professional.

Be Intentional—in Your Learning Design, in Your Skills, in Your Career

What trends are you noticing in learning and development? In her interview with the Association for Talent Development Cindy Huggett notes, “we are moving to shorter and shorter chunks of learning … [and] the second big trend is mobile.” In addition to her state-of-the-industry observations, this expert on virtual learning shares important skills for virtual learning designers. She also discusses pitfalls facing virtual learning instructors.

Take Control of Your Learning at Work.

We’re professionals. You don’t have to remind us that learning should never stop, but we’re glad the Harvard Business Review is advocating it, too. Most organizations demand that employees focus their energies on achieving results rather than broadening skillsets. This culture of efficiency and performance can stunt professional learning. HBR has four tips to maintain your intellectual curiosity and continue to learn – even if an organization doesn’t officially promote it.

Want to be a Great L&D Pro in 5 Years? Master These 4 Skills.

This LinkedIn think post features insights from four experts — their predictions for skills that will become more important to L&D professionals over the next five years. “We are currently in a business environment that is seeing more transformation and volatility than at any time in the recent history,” said Dan Rice, a West Point graduate and president of the Thayer Leadership Development Group. “L&D leaders need to be able to empower a culture of learning by creating leaders of character capable, of cascading lessons, providing feedback loops to evolve quickly and allow businesses to adapt, react and thrive in this type of environment.”  Consider these four skills. Do they meet with your predictions for the field?

5 Tips That Foster Collaborative Professional Learning

At Emerson, we are no strangers to the complexities of technology change. That’s why we found this particular piece valuable. This post from EdTech focuses on integrating new tech for professional learning. It’s intended for teachers, but we think the advice works for corporate learning professionals as well. Consider these tips the next time your organization wants to use technology in the classroom.

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