• From the Trails to the Office

    After 25-plus years of consulting and 100 endurance races of half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon distances, I’ve noticed lots of parallels. Here are a few.
  • Resilience v2020

    What is resilience and how do you build it? As a two-time cancer survivor, here's what I know.
  • Dear Coronavirus

    While many have suffered from a devastating health crisis, COVID-19 also opened our eyes to the need for real transformation.
  • Finding Balance

    I realized I was wasting part of my life by "relaxing" on the weekends. So I made a decision. Every weekend I would do at least one thing I enjoy.
  • Vieques Love: How Our Own Chris Harper Survived Maria and Ways to Help

    Read Chris's first-person account of the storm and learn how you can join us in helping our fellow Americans recover.