• The Executive Facilitation Series: The Secret to Success

    The team at Emerson Human Capital have constructed and facilitated thousands of executive sessions. Here’s how we do executive facilitation differently.
  • The Executive Facilitation Series: Getting the Right Outcomes

    By the end of an executive working session, execs need to leave thinking they achieved the outcomes they needed and know what to do next. To do this, here's what we recommend.
  • Project Management Tip: Get the Disney Effect

    The Walt Disney World organization creates a magical experience for its customers. It got us thinking, can a project manager bring that same magic to their work? We think so -- here's how.
  • How to Approach Year-End Goal Setting

    As a leader, how should you approach annual goal setting? A clear process and sound principles will make strong goal setting easier on everyone.
  • The Executive Facilitation Series: Making the Session Enjoyable

    Can executive participants enjoy themselves and do great work? We say yes! Here are a few ideas.
  • The Executive Facilitation Series: Being a Great Facilitator

    Expert executive facilitation makes a group more powerful and productive. As a facilitator, elevate meetings by helping executives realize their potential.
  • Company Values: Actual or Aspirational

    Where do your company values show up? On the website or in the people?
  • The Executive Facilitation Series: How to Prepare

    Are you planning an executive facilitation? First, answer these questions.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Your Workforce: Three Tips for Leaders

    Let’s say your organization is adopting AI to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, or deliver better customer value. How should you approach employees about it?
  • Layoffs 2023: Caring for the Survivors

    If you’ve had to lay off employees, how does an organization rebuild trust, maintain morale, and ensure the productivity you need to survive? Here's our take.