Michael Cassady

Hometown and current residence

Danville, California; Berkeley, California

Family, pets or hermit?

I have an older brother and sister, and both my parents have dogs. However, I have no pets at my place, and I enjoy nice long days in.

Favorite word


Sound he loves

The Cannon shot on Tightwad Hill

Sound he hates

The USC fight song

What would be different if he ruled the world

Our economy would thrive, our carbon footprint would vanish, and the standard of living would skyrocket.

Cause he is passionate about


His hero

Nikola Tesla, because he wanted to change the world for the better and he didn’t care about the money.

Guilty pleasure

Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Does he have a secret to his success?


Favorite karaoke song?

Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks

Change Management Consultant Michael Cassady consultant Change Management Consultant Michael Cassady consultant

"The answer is always no until you ask."

Michael Cassady

Wisdom he'd share with others if only they'd ask