A nickel a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that.

One of the world’s largest providers of consumer and commercial products needed help communicating the value of thoughtful sourcing practices.

Every year, they were paying more than 10,000 external vendors, many of which were only used only once a year – a costly and inefficient practice. Leadership realized that saving just five cents on every vendor dollar would add up to tremendous savings – savings that could be reinvested in their brands. But to do that, they needed every employee to help.

Emerson came up with a branding idea that all employees could relate to: 5 Ways to Save. By following five easy ways to think about spending on indirect goods and services, the company could reach its goal. We worked with our client to create a campaign to generate awareness across corporate headquarters, its brands and its distribution centers.

Employees embraced the challenge and the company is on its way to big savings, one nickel at a time.