A major technology company recognized their executives needed greater awareness of and sensitivity to diversity issues to make their multicultural teams more effective. Emerson presented the Broadening the Perspective workshop which helped participants understand diversity and multiculturalism as tools that help companies gain a competitive advantage.

Based on an in-depth cultural assessment, we designed a custom solution that included leadership training, awareness training, and management/team leader training.

The result: innovation and risk-taking behavior – which had diminished due to workforce and environment changes – increased. Company leadership attributed the change to a more affirming and inclusive environment. Comments from participants of the workshop attest to its success: “Exceeded my expectations…. Should be mandatory …for all new hires, middle management and senior executives.” “I now have more consideration for using diversity as a tool instead of just a ‘difference to overcome.’” “My expectations were much lower. I thought it would be a waste of time. I was totally wrong.”