In middle school I was Spain's national champion for the 75 meter dash.

Q&A Time!


Q: What’s your hometown and current residence? 

A: Born in Madrid but the Bay Area is my home base.


Q: Cook or take-out? 

A: I really like to cook, but when I’m in the mood for something fancy dining out is where it’s at.


Q: Family, pets or hermit? 

A: I have a wonderful husband who is my partner in crime. Sometimes we want to kill each other but love always wins in the end.


Q: Guilty pleasure? 

A: Watching a television series form beginning to end. So fun and addictive but also so much time in front of a screen.


Q: Achievement that makes you most proud? 

A: I have moved from country to country, multiple times, bringing only the items I can stuff into a few suitcases.


Q: Something you say again and again? 

A: “If that makes sense.”


Q: Any hobbies? 

A: I love hiking, going camping, and wine tasting with my husband. Also, I adore opera music and maintain a membership to the San Francisco Opera.