Make ignorance your superpower. Be curious and ask a lot of questions.

Q&A Time!


Q: What’s your hometown and current residence? 

A: As a “Navy Brat” I was blessed to have spent my childhood in many places, including Monterey, CA and a military base in Edzell, Scotland. “Home base” was always the Washington, DC area. I now live in the small town of Crofton, MD, not far from Annapolis.


Q: Do you have family, a pet or are you a hermit? 

A: I am happily married to Gary, my husband of 26 years, and a proud mom of two boys Will and Tim. We are all in love with our poorly behaved Coonhound, Bruce.


Q: What’s something you say again and again? 

A: I’m busier than a one-armed wallpaper hanger. (It’s a great visual.)


Q: What do others say about you? 

A: I am insightful, creative, fun to work with, and a gifted project manager that gets stuff done.


Q: Biggest pet peeve? 

A: Grumpy and/or negative people.


Q: Any guilty pleasures? 

A: A good glass (or two) of Pinot Noir and a box of Cheez-Its.


Q: What is the one achievement that makes you the most proud?

A: It seems cliché, but I am incredibly proud of the two wonderful sons my husband and I raised.  They are ambitious, gritty, funny and kind humans.