Sheila Virani

Hometown and current residence

Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite word

It's more of a phrase but I love to use the phrase willy-nilly. "You can't just go changing things all willy-nilly, it's got to be thought out."

Profession she would like to attempt

Life Coach - but I need to figure out mine first

Profession she would not like to attempt

President of the United States - there's just no winning

Little-known fact about Sheila

My pinky fingers are not the same size.

Quote that sums up her philosophy of life

"If you reach for stars, all you get are stars. If you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in." -Mary Poppins

Guilty pleasure

Keeping Up With the Kardashians and I am absolutely ashamed of this truth.

If she weren't working for Emerson, she'd be...

Teaching at the Aga Khan Academies, an international IB school system

Change Management Consultant Sheila Virani consultant Change Management Consultant Sheila Virani consultant

"Even when you think you can't, I know you can."

Sheila Virani

Wisdom she'd share with others, if only they'd ask