Ryan Sumner

Hometown and current residence

Galva, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois

Family, pets or hermit

Three wonderful pups: a grouchy mini dachshund named Buster, a yellow lab named Bella, who at any given moment is chewing up something of value to me and a recently adopted pit bull named Boo. It's a very active household to say the least.

Pet peeve

Littering. Absolutely cannot stand the sight of litter. It really upsets me.

Profession he would not like to attempt

Housekeeping. I have a weak stomach and they’re always first to find the body.

Turn on


Turn off

Coffee breath.

Quote that sums up Ryan's philosophy

"Store brand is OK, too."

Cook or takeout?

Takeout! Less time, less mess, and less smoke damage.

Favorite karaoke song?

Karaoke is noise pollution.

Wisdom he'd share with others if only they'd ask

There is a sizable difference between "your" and "you're." It's a deal-breaker to use them interchangeably.

Change Management Consultant Ryan Sumner marketing manager Change Management Consultant Ryan Sumner marketing manager

"I was electrocuted by a power line during a tornado. I survived, obviously."

Ryan Sumner

Little-known fact about Ryan