Michele Brown

Hometown and current residence

Hometown: Santa Cruz. Now: Bay Area

Family, pets or hermit?

I have a husband and two girls. We don’t have pets because I don’t want a third child. We might get a fish, but I have trouble taking care of plants so the verdict is still out.

Little-known fact about Michele

One of my thumbs is bigger than the other.

Turn on

Joy. Or bacon

Turn off


Favorite quote from history that sums up her philosophy of life

Old age is no place for sissies. - Bette Davis.

Something she says again and again

It’ll all work out.

Favorite hobbies

Reading, tap dancing, and watching sports with my husband.

Achievement that makes her the most proud

My children are kind people. Most of the time.

What makes her unique

My favorite movie as a child was Poltergeist.

Change Management Consultant Michele Brown executive assistant Change Management Consultant Michele Brown executive assistant

"People would be kinder to one another and there would be more dance parties."

If Michele ruled the world, this would be different