Kenny Simon

Hometown & current residence

Biloxi, Mississippi; Lithonia, Georgia

Little-known fact about Kenny

I sang in the Miss Teen USA pageant as a teenager.

Turn on

Practical planning

Profession he'd like to attempt

Physical Therapist

Profession he would not like to attempt


Sound he loves

My family laughing and enjoying themselves.

What would be different if he ruled the world

People would not be judged on physical appearances.

Wisdom to share with others, if only they'd ask

In any area of life, giving is truly better than receiving. Always live below your means. Never form an opinion of someone based on the opinion of another.

Secret to success

I try to do all of my work with a spirit of excellence. I work hard, encourage teamwork and treat people with respect.

Change Management Consultant Kenny Simon client director Change Management Consultant Kenny Simon client director

"He's crazy but it's a 'good' crazy."

Kenny Simon

What others say about him