Kelley Egre

Hometown & current residence

West Bend, WI; Portland, Oregon

Family, pets or hermit

Husband is the only one left at home (two kids – Whitney and Kyle – are living on their own!). We love to hang at home but we are not hermits. Actually, our favorite place to travel is our home state of Oregon -- we road trip all the time!

Something she says again and again


Favorite karaoke song

When someone else sings Margaritaville

Turn on

Music and funny people

Turn off


One of her heroes

Anyone involved in The Giving Pledge. I am honored to share the planet with them.

A profession, other than her own, she'd like to attempt

A professional organizer who helps hoarders

A profession she would not like to attempt

Anything that involves spiders or temperatures above 100 degrees

Wisdom she'd like to share with others, if only they’d ask

Happiness isn’t hard and requires very few possessions.

Change Management Consultant Kelley Egre consultant Change Management Consultant Kelley Egre consultant

"A dove. When waking up on vacation."

Kelley Egre

A sound she loves