Greg Bunn

Hometown & current residence

Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois

Family, pets or hermit

My partner, John, and I have four children between us, Sarah, Michael, Trevor and Katie. We also have a yellow Labrador retriever named Kelly.

Something he says again and again

"Some things are like teaching a pig to dance -- it just frustrates the farmer and annoys the pig."

Least favorite word

"Whatever" -- it's just so disrespectful and dismissive

Pet peeve

People who wear baseball hats backwards

Profession he'd like to attempt

Math and science teacher

Turn on

Fun people with creative ideas

Favorite hobbies and pastimes

I love to have a family "game night" where we pull out a deck of cards or board games and enjoy spending time playing together.

Guilty pleasure

I have a bright red scooter and I love taking it for a spin around the neighborhood!

Change Management Consultant Greg Bunn consulting manager Change Management Consultant Greg Bunn consulting manager

"I've been writing a musical based on one of my favorite children's books."

Greg Bunn

Little-known fact about Greg