Christian Hasenoehrl

Hometown and current residence

I grew up in Germany and Texas. I’ve since lived in six countries and six US states. My wife and I currently live in Seattle.

Little-known fact about Christian

I showed Jimmy Fallon how to make a Hemingway Daiquiri at Ian Fleming’s Bar in Jamaica.

Quote from history that sums up his philosophy of life

I eat well, and I drink well, and I sleep well – but that’s all. (Thomas Morton, English playwright)

Favorite season

Harvest, because Wine

Christian's hero

My Mom, because she taught me to question everything from an early age and always did so herself

Favorite karaoke song

They were all in Korean, because I was in a Karaoke Bar in Seoul, Korea with a bunch of bankers celebrating late into the night after finishing a project.

Profession he would like to attempt

Winemaker. I once lived on a vineyard and liked it.

Turn on

Pinot Noir, chocolate and chili peppers, in no particular order

Turn off

People making statements not supportable by facts or data

Change Management Consultant Christian Hasenoehrl VP, Consulting Change Management Consultant Christian Hasenoehrl VP, Consulting

"I was a lifeguard and saved someone’s life."

Achievement that makes him the most proud