Emerson disrupts traditional consulting. Our work is purposeful and driven by outcomes.
Christian Hasenoehrl, Vice President of consulting
What I like about Emerson is we have each other's back.
Cathy Quon, COO
Emerson is more cohesive than a traditional firm that offers professional services.
Kenny Simon, client director
Emerson projects are challenging and exciting, and the people here are a joy to work with, too.
Eric Sfetku, consultant
There's a unity in diversity. At Emerson, we all come from different walks of life.
Shiva Krishnan, human resources director
Easily the most unique and fulfilling job I've ever had.
Ryan Sumner, marketing manager
Everyone at Emerson is hilarious.
Bettina Rousos, recruiting director
I'm really proud of the work we do at Emerson.
Julie Rodgers, Consulting Manager
Emerson consultants face challenges head on and tackle them as a team.
Freddy Mitchell, director of learning and development

We like smarts.

We hire people smarter than ourselves. Because that’s what smart people do.

We like fun-loving people.

Also funny people. And people who laugh at funny people.

We like likable people.

When hiring, we think, “Would I want to sit next to this person on a long flight?” And if we would, our clients might like them too.


The more clients we help, the more help we need. As a nationwide company, we have opportunities across the country. Scroll down to our open positions and see if your expertise lines up.

Meet the team.

Get to know our current cast of characters.


Aside from joining an unbeatable team of change colleagues, here are a few company-wide perks you'll enjoy as an Emerson employee.

Retirement Investments
Birthday Presents
Paid Vacations
The Best Coworkers Ever

We're always looking for amazing change agents.

Are you one? Check out some of our open positions below.

Associate Director, Change Management
Dallas, TX
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Change Management Manager
Dallas, TX
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Chief Learning Officer (CLO)
Alameda, CA
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Client Director
San Francisco / Bay Area
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Vice President, Sales
San Francisco or Dallas, TX
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