The Technology Change Book

As change goes, technology is as big as it gets. It often takes significant revenue and a heck of a lot of work, devouring profitability, time, focus, and energy. And we know that change efforts often fail.

Why do we do it? For the huge upside: competitiveness, survival, domination, success. But how do you make sure you deliver value? Technology is a tool; if you can’t harness the power of the people in your organization to use that tool correctly, you’ve lost.

Trish Emerson posed a question to our company and some of our favorite Fortune 500 technology execs: “What do you wish you had known when you started your toughest technology project?” The result is The Technology Change Book. We pair common challenges with our prescriptions—things we learned during our many years, on the ground, enabling successful technology initiatives.

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Bits of Our Book:
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